In order to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of Polish exporters and importers of merchandise, as well as the challenges of the constantly evolving market of international transport, our company has developed a network of branches scattered all around Poland. We have established them in primary Polish locations. Therefore, we are able to offer a competent and comprehensive support for the highest quality of international transport.
Currently, SKAT Transport's geographical reach covers the whole of Europe. Although our specialist focus is the EU, we are systematically striving to satisfy our customers by servicing even the most difficult non-EU directions.

Our international transport services are rendered with the use of own fleet, which is the most advanced of its kind on the European market, and our highly qualified regular subcontractors working on a contract basis. Our entire vehicle fleet is up to the highest and most stringent technical and environmental standards.
Freight security is ensured by 24h real-time monitoring of vehicles by Transics fleet management system and GSM contact with each driver responsible for the transport assignment. Such security measures are also employed in the majority of our subcontractors' vehicles.

We offer FTL and LTL support by standard semi-trailers with a payload of 13.6/24 tonnes, MEGA semi-trailers with a cubic capacity of 102m3 and a payload of 24 tonnes, and MEGA semi-trailers with the Joloda system, as well as smaller vehicles with a payload of 1.5 to 12 tonnes.
We provide freight of various commodity groups such as:
Neutral goods
Dangerous goods (ADR)
Specialty, oversize and non-standard goods

To meet the needs of our customers, we have equipped all vehicles with the state-of-the-art means to secure loads on the vehicle.