"We have always been at the forefront of Polish transport companies to innovate", emphasizes Waldemar Łazarczyk, President of the Board of SKAT Transport Sp. z o.o. Innovation, especially in the field of management through new technologies, has soon brought about very tangible effects for both the customer and the company.

Our innovation has allowed us, as one of the first transportation companies in the market, launch the real-time fleet management system (FMS).

In 2009 we started to implement the system based on a technology from TRANSICS – a European leader of telematics solutions. In the first step of the project, we equipped the entire fleet with TX-MAX on-board computers as supplied by Transics, in 2015 - new generation TX SKY, which collect the data transmitted from vehicle computer systems and the data reported by drivers. The next step was to integrate the system with the company's existing IT infrastructure.

Thus created real-time fleet management system translates into automation of numerous business processes, a considerable time and labour efficiency, and also maximum reduction of errors and superfluous documents.

Vehicle positioning

With a GPS device in every vehicle, we always know where to look for our fleet.


Fuel management

A direct connection to the CAN bus gives us fuel consumption feedback just after the route is completed. Consequently, we can immediately address any issues in fuel consumption and refuellings, and thus reduce operating costs while increasing the efficiency on the road.


Route planning

We cut down on unnecessary costs by sending optimal route guidelines developed by our dispatchers (planners).


Customer service with live calculation of ETA parameters

Based on the current vehicle position data and information on its next stop, our dispatchers can calculate the time of merchandise arrival to the customer's premises. Planners provide information about the Scheduled Time of Arrival (STA) along with the planned route details. If the goods are already in transit, the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is calculated. If the journey is delayed for unforeseen reasons (traffic jams, detours, etc.), then we can notify the customer in advance about any delay. Furthermore, the system makes it possible for the operator to check whether the driver is heading in the right direction, and thus we can all spare ourselves costly misunderstandings.


Document transfer from the vehicle

Our vehicles are equipped with a mobile A4 scanner, so drivers are able to scan shipping documents (CMRs, delivery confirmations, etc.) directly in the cabin. Scanned copies of such documents are sent directly to the office where they are immediately reviewed. If the customer so wishes, the documents are sent to them right after the unloading.


By using the FMS, we enjoy instant and reliable communication between the central office and individual vehicles. In this way, our employees are more efficient and their level of service unfailingly high.