Let us begin with a brief overview of our business.


  • average annual mileage (per tractor): 140,000 km
  • truck-tractors EURO6 (DAF, MAN, Scania) – 150
  • number of third-party articulated lorries providing transport services for us – 300
  • owned semi-trailers – 150
  • average age of vehicles and semi-trailers: 1,5 years
  • manoeuvring area: 12 ha
  • branches (Katowice, Rzepin, Swiecie, Lodz, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, London)
  • own vehicle inspection facility and gas station in Rzepin (frontier zone with the Federal Republic of Germany)


  • IT software providers: InterLAN, Transics, Comarch, Suncode
  • fuel card providers: DKV, AS24, BP PLUS
  • freight exchanges used: TimoCom, Trans, Transporeon, Teleroute
  • tire suppliers: Micheline, Bridgestone
  • lessors or lenders: Millennium Leasing,Bank Handlowy, Millennium Bank, BZWBK


Net revenues (the last 11 years)

Year             Value (in PLN million)
2008  98,215
2009 101,651
2010 136,946
2011 176,775
2012 184,917
2013 202,575
2014 264,689
2015 307,400
2016 373,300
2017 408,019
2018 446,875

Our core business comprises international transport and forwarding, as well as ferry transfers. Our distinctive orange-coloured lorries can be spotted literally all over Europe. Our most frequent departure and destination location is Germany where we carry the greatest bulk. Cabotage is another transport type that accounts for a huge part of the company's turnover in Germany. Until recently, our flagship direction has been the United Kingdom. However, shifty circumstances on the transport market, as well as the need to adapt to changing needs of our customers have resulted in redirecting most of our vehicles to other countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands) and Scandinavia. In all these country locations, we offer cabotage too (as we do in Germany).

In addition, all our corporate locations can handle domestic freight transports. We support Full Truck Loads (FTL). We also successfully carry Less Than Truckloads (LTL) all over Europe. Our fleet is dominated by MEGA semi-trailers, which allow for an excellent flexibility in picking diverse types of freight. In addition, we are able to complete even the most unusual transport assignments, such as freight carriage using curtainsider fleet. Our truck-tractors meet the stringent requirements of the Euro6 standards. And with complete technical equipment and qualified driving personnel we often carry dangerous goods (ADR).

On the other hand, for quick international transportation of small consignments, we have company vans at our disposal.
As one of the few companies, we are willing to expand and adapt our fleet to individual customer needs within the framework of the existing long-term contracts by ensuring specialised custom-tailored vehicles.

Today, more than half of our freight consists of paper. As part of our comprehensive business with customers, we do not limit our services to finished product (paper in rolls or on pallets) but we also handle intermediates, that is pulp and waste paper. It should be emphasised that paper in rolls is a particularly sensitive commodity, so it has to be transported by semi-trailers in an excellent working condition. We are able to deal with a very wide range of freight, from basic building materials to complex plant and machinery, or even entire processing lines.

The company is specifically committed to reduce costs and service time via IT technologies (software and hardware):
on-board computers with Transics telematics system (daily reports, communication with the company, driving and resting times compliance supervision and satellite navigation)
the programme that allows detailed reporting of the driving style, so as to reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency (as part of the Eco Driving formula)
computerised notification system that supports monitoring of coordinates in the boundary area, known as route adherence monitoring.

Having in mind our customers' growing needs, in the near future we plan to offer professional service for package cargo, including both distribution and storage services.