I have decided that our “History” tab is the best place to welcome you and briefly introduce ourselves. The history of this company is synonymous with an ever-progressing story of my professional life. I have been present in business since the birth of a free market economy in Poland and we have both covered a long way since 1989. When I look back, it is mainly to analyse the past and translate it into ... a better tomorrow.

In SKAT, everything revolves around our central motto, which is Always On Time. For many years now, we have been renowned in the international transport and forwarding industry for our strong commitment to timely deliveries. However, the motto that you can see on our tarpaulins means much more. It is also about timely catching of all external development opportunities, and timely creating additional opportunities to progress by our own effort, which means to be the pioneer in Poland or among the industry leaders. Such a succinct mission statement is then broadly transferred to the company's day-to-day operations and the quality of our services.

That is why, we are a leading innovator in the industry. Therefore, we are still looking for new solutions, which increase customer value and add to the benefits for our business partners. In view of the foregoing, we are consistently implementing a strategy of sustainable development. Our company's contribution to business consists of the best qualified team and a fleet of over 300 vehicles – own and belonging to our regular third-party subcontractors. We work for your satisfaction at our headquarters in Gdańsk, six local branches, state border facilities and on routes all over Europe. In short, I am pleased to present you SKAT Transport.

Yours faithfully,
Waldemar Łazarczyk,
Founder, President of the Management Board


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