We operate in time of dynamic change in the TFL market. In order to meet ever-increasing customer expectations, we do not limit our proposal to an attractive service price but we also engage in community-oriented activities. When a customer buys a service from us, they can be sure that its best quality is coupled with "ethical background".
Corporate Social Responsibility is actually at the core of SKAT Transport's comprehensive business management philosophy. CSR is not a strictly defined and finally shaped concept but rather a process and a conscious attitude. What is valuable for the organisational culture of SKAT Transport is the fact that formal top-down activities are supplemented by community involvement of employees themselves.
As a socially responsible company, we pay attention to check our business partners – in terms of reliability but also as regards their respect for labour rights, OHS rules and fair competition. In this way, we encourage other companies to raise their own standards of business.

Basically, CSR activities are two-pronged, and consist in:

  • community giving – mainly through sponsorship and charity
  • employee involvement.

As part of community giving projects, the Management Board sponsors or charitably supports community welfare organisations and various events. These activities have been conducted for several years now. The highlights include:

December 2018

  • From January to December 2018: we organised a series of meetings and courses to promote working in the TSL (transport, carrying trade, logistics) business among the students of vocational schools in the Pomerania region.

  • Like every year, we donated PCs and Christmas gifts to some children from the Pomerania region as well as the Children’s Educational Care Centre in Kłanin (Puck municipality, Pomerania region).

  • We also gave gift packets to children from the Special Needs Educational Care Centre in Słubice
  • We supported Children Tennis Tournaments organised by the “AS Tennis Academy - Tennis Training for Children” in Banino
  • We organised a fund-raiser for The Foundation for Developmental Support Ja Też® (Me Too).

 November 2018

  • We provided financial support for a pair of talented dancers, Natasha Damasevich and Wojciech Markowski, who took part in the World Championships in 10 Dances in Sibiu, Romania.

October 2018

October 2018

 Photos: Olympus, Department of Urology and Urological Oncology in Specialist Hospital in Kościerzyna, Ltd.

September 2018

  • From 15th to 22nd September we supported the European Mobility Week organised in Gdańsk. Organisers: The City of Gdańsk and Public Transport Authority (ZTM) in Gdańsk prepared various activities for children and adults.                                                                

August 2018

  • The Festival for The International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend 2018 took place at the Lighthouse in Nowy Port in Gdańsk on 18-19 August. A charity picnic was held during the Festival as well. The profits went towards art therapy groups for children at the Department of Oncology in the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk. SKAT Transport provided, among others, materials used at art workshops.


 June 2018

  • As part of our support for intergenerational integration and seniors social activities, we supported II SENIORALIA NOWODWORSKIE (NOWY DWÓR SENIORS FESTIVAL) organised by Kreatywna Edukacja Foundation for the seniors from the University of the Third Age at Żuławy Culture Centre in Nowy Dwór Gdański.


  • Blood Donation Centres all over Poland have reported huge shortages, so we decided to organise the campaign “Donate Blood - help those in need”. Our employees actively contributed to the success of this noble action. Many of them donated blood for the first time. We also invited neighbouring companies to join in with our action. We are deeply convinced that by giving away a part of ourselves, we are helping save someone's health or even life with the blood we have donated.

 May 2018

  •  We financially supported the trip to the Children Smile Festival in Lithuania for the Passionatka Children Choir operating as part of the Art and Culture Centre in Tczew.


February 2018

  • On February 17th, the Voluntary Service Gala 2018 took place in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre. The gala was organised by the Pomorskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci Foundation (Pomerania Children Hospice). Our company has provided support for the foundation for many years now.
  • During our joint project, The “Flaga pomocy” (The Flag of Help), our “Know the World with SKAT!” flag reached the highest summit in South America. Ultimately, the flag was sold to raise money for the Hospice. We help those in need for altruistic reasons, but the Foundation wanted to thank us all by awarding us in the “Socially Responsible” category. We are truly grateful for this special and kind act.


December 2017

The Christmas season is not only connected with the entire company’s extra work due to the end of the year, but also with preparations for Christmas and the New Year's Eve party as well as actions aimed at helping people in need.

In December, thanks to the common efforts of our Employees and the company's Management Board we managed to:

- collect and donate cleaning products, sweets and toys as well as help financially in the organisation of Christmas Eve in the Pomeranian Hospice for Children

- donate sets of sweets and toys and several computers for families in the Kościerzyna district during the annual campaign “Paczka ostatniej szansy” (Last Chance Package)

- collect, buy and donate pet food from veterinary lines for animals in the “Promyk” animal shelter

- collect clothes for families that suffered from the effects of the powerful storm in Kaszuby

- donate Christmas packets with sweets prepared by our company to the Special Educational and Rearing Centre in Słubice

- buy and donate set books for a small school library in the neighbouring town of Miszewo

- and, traditionally, support the “Ja Też” (Me Too) Foundation by collecting money in the Christmas box

We believe that our efforts cheered up all those people covered by our help similarly to previous years. May the New Year bring you all the best and give us more opportunities to help people in need. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

August 2017

Within help for residents who suffered because of the hurricans, we provided the School Complex in Nowa Cerkiew with 22 thousand litres of drinking water which was a gift from the GEO International company from Gdańsk. Our company also donated protective gloves, safety helmets and belts for hauling and tightening elements of damaged constructions and fallen trees necessary for emergency rescue teams. Our company's Employees organised their own spontaneous actions, through which they took an active part in the provision of necessary things and the removal of the effects of the storm in neighbouring communes. It is just a drop in the ocean, but we believe that all help contributed to alleviation of the effects of the August storm.

June 2017

On 7 June, the Specialist Hospital in Kościerzyna officially received the state-of-the-art medical devices financed by our company. The digital flexible cystoscope will be a crucial tool for the Urology and Oncological Urology Department. Its structure dramatically reduces the patient's discomfort during examinations inside the urinary bladder. The bladder check using digital-quality imaging improves the precision of cancer detection in the bladder. The equipment brings the process of diagnosing those patients suffering from this dangerous disease to a whole new level.

2017 April

Our drivers and employees have collected and donated 6 large boxes of toys and games for the Special School and Rearing Center in Dębowa Łąka. To thank us, the children, together with their tutors, have prepared exceptional works related to Easter, which now create a special atmosphere in our company’s headquarters. We wish the children all the best, good health, educational success and further exceptional creative ideas.


2017 March

For the set of books given by us, we have received this acknowledgement from the children from primary school in Miszewo. The children have created a beautiful poster and have written why they like reading so much: “A book is like the company of a human”, “Who reads books lives twice”, “None of man’s works lasts longer than a book”, “Reading good books is like talking to people from the past.” We are amazed by the childrens’ creativity and happy that reading books is still increasingly popular.


2017 February

As in the previous year, SKAT Transport has supported the 6th Ice Swimmer’s Run in Garczyn next to Koscierzyna. The participants of the run included enthusiasts of a healthy and active lifestyle from all around Poland, among them were running and ice swimming lovers. For the 6th edition of this event, we prepared a hot meal for the participants and gifts for the winners. The hot meals were served by female representatives of the SKAT Transport branch in Koscierzyna. Our company regularly supports actions promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, and not only in Kaszuby. We cordially invite you take part in the next Ice Swimmer’s Run!


February 2017

We have had the pleasure of being involved in a tour of the Stena Vision ferry, organised by our company and our business partner, Stena Line Polska, for a group of Kazakh children of Polish origin. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and the captain of the ferry was even kind enough to let the children wear his captain’s hat! We also arranged a tour of the Tricity’s museums and the most recognisable historical sites. We believe that every one of the 20 children will fondly remember this great adventure for the rest of their lives, and perhaps visit us again one day.




December 2016

This year, children received gifts from our company, this time they came from three families from Kościerzyna, as part of the annual action “Christmas food package for disadvantaged children” which has continued for 11 years. The smiling children’s faces are the best reward for us.


December 2016

Also, the Christmas gingerbread basket from the JA TEŻ (ME TOO) foundation visited our company headquarters. Our employees filled the collection box and sampled the treats baked by the parents of the foundation’s children. We wish the children much health, energy and all the best events in their lives!


December 2016

Once again our employees from the Rzepino branch visited the Special School and Care Facility in Słubice. Traditionally, children from the Preschool Section received gifts. As we can see, our orange Santa Clauses once again brought smiles to the kids’ faces, the plushies and sweets will be a nice addition to their everyday lives, which are not easy.


October 2016

And finally, we have supported the foundation Pomorskie Voivodship Child Hospice in Gdańsk, our employees gathered the essential dressing materials and the Management Board contributed with a donation.


May 2016

The Laboratory of Creativity Prism team supported by the  SKAT Group took third place on the global finals of the Odyssey of the Mind in the USA! A big applause for our youth Pomeranian and huge congratulations!



On 16 August 2015, at befriended with SKAT Lighthouse in Nowy Port took place fete for the occasion of the World Day of Lighthouses. During the fete were many activities for children and adults, among others: numerous musical performances, exhibition of paintings and photographs, the first aid show provided by the water rescue team, also were competitions for children provided by Pirate. The company SKAT Transport supported the fete by donating reflective caps to protect from the sun and provide insufficient visibility and other gadgets.


Photos by: www.DobreWiadomosci.eu, Andy Pol


June 2015

SKAT Transport was one of the main sponsors of the "Uniformed Day of the Child", held in Oliwa Zoo in Gdansk on 6th of June 2015.

The event was create in cooperation with police, fire brigades, municipal guard and also supported by private donors.

The main aim of the festival was to provide great fun for kids and parents that day and also to remind them the safety issues, mostly how to be safety in the road traffic.
Our company has funded hundreds of orange kids caps with reflective strips for effectively protection from the sun and also to be visible at night from the long distance. In that beautiful Saturday in Oliwa zoo appeared hundreds of orange heads-suns. We wish all children safety returns to home and to be always visible on the road!



February 2012 – signing a sponsorship contract with Sports Football Association Olimpic Gdańsk, resulting in the team's new name: Olimpic SKAT Gdańsk.



January 2012 – support for the "Riwiera" Navy Club in organisation of the 20th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.



October 2011 – permission to use the logo of the Pomeranian Hospice Foundation For Children (as a result of our charitable donation to the Foundation). The decision to transfer funds for charitable purposes was made by employees during the annual team-building event.



2008/2009 – a sponsorship contract with the 2nd league futsal team: SKAT Transport Kościerzyna; promotion to the 5th place in the table.


2007/2008 - a sponsorship contract with the 2nd league futsal team: SKAT Transport Kościerzyna.


April 2007 – another sponsorship contract for the "Dancesport Championship of the Pomorskie Voivoideship" and "Gdańsk Dance Gala: All-Poland Sporting Dance Score Tournament".



May 2006 – a sponsorship contract for the "Dancesport Championship of the Pomorskie Voivoideship" and "Gdańsk Dance Gala: All-Poland Sporting Dance Score Tournament".



Employee involvement is mainly about the activities that are undertaken at the initiative of the staff themselves. Everybody lives in the community where people who need help and support can be found. These are ad-hoc, one-time or extended and regular activities.


Recent initiatives include:


Winter 2012/2013 saw the collection of winter clothing among employees of the company for charity. We support the Gdynia “Road of Hope" association. This season, the "Winter" campaign started as early as October 2012.


Winter 2011/2012 – a winter clothing charity collection among employees for the "Droga Nadziei" ("Road of Hope") Association in Gdynia. The "Winter" campaign lasted from November 2011 to February 2012.


May 2011 - joining the charity collection of plastic caps organised by a scout team from Gdynia; funds from the cap sale are to co-finance the treatment of a 12-year old girl suffering from MS. In the school year the collection was joined by Primary School No. 40 in Gdynia.


Being responsible means not only fulfilling all formal and legal requirements, but also an increased investment in human resources and the environment. Given the above, the Management Board promotes and encourages environmentally friendly behaviours. We monitor CO2 emissions from our lorries and use Energy Saver tires to economise on fuel consumption. Eco Driving formula makes it possible to assess the reported driving style. On the other hand, in our offices we segregate waste and use energy-efficient lighting. Investment in human resources is primarily about scheduled and ad hoc training schemes, either. in-house or offsite; in the latter case combined with team-building events. What the staff particularly values are group and individual training opportunities (such as ADR advisor qualification).