In order to meet the growing needs of our customers, we are launching the merchandise storage service. In our daily transport reality, warehouses play an increasing role in providing a comprehensive logistic service for customers. They are a vital link in the chain of logistic services.

Later this year, the company is going to expand its current roofed storage area of 3,000 sq m with a paved parking area of 7 hectares with new warehouses in an immediate vicinity of our branches.

Within the premises of our current warehousing facilities, we handle goods as specifically instructed by customers, according to their own needs as part of the service package. Our warehouse and stacking yard locations are subject to 24h monitoring and security protection.
Our concept of the warehousing service comprises: -storage of goods; -warehouse ramp support; –warehouse facilities location; –transport unit assembly; –packing; –warehouse space planning; –warehouse operation support.