Our business in the European transport market and the reputation of SKAT Transport established over the years have let us create a contact base with companies and institutions in Poland and abroad. With such a rich and well-developed contact base, we can speedily and accurately arrange handling of oversize cargo freight. Transportation is handled very carefully, by a specifically adapted vehicles. Our priority here is the safety of cargo that has been entrusted to us.
We are moving away from the existing and traditional solutions, and searching for the new business ways that will comply with the latest requirements of safety and environmental protection, and follow the trends, always for the benefit of our customers. While planning the transport, we remember about the diversity of requirements as regards the mode and route of delivery, so that to choose the most optimal solution for the customer. For this purpose, we employ a team of excellent and indispensable professionals, who are among our most valuable assets.

With our extensive experience, we can ensure absolutely smooth handling of your order with utmost care. We arrange oversize cargo freight with utmost care. We make every effort to think over every detail of every kilometre along the transport route.
Our company procures all permits as may be required in Poland and other countries where transport operations take place.
For every transport assignment that is subject to special terms, we provide experienced pilots, whose top priority is the freight safety supervision.

Whatever the circumstances, all customers can enjoy the highest level of service.