Nowadays intermodal transportation market offers its players a wide range of options, both strategic and technical, and challenges, including fresh perspectives of the new transport corridors linking Europe bringing effectiveness and innovation; competition between transport modes and issues of decreasing sea freight rates. The role of Poland’s market of cargo transportation in Europe, its potential to become one of the logistics hubs in Europe is very difficult to overestimate. All of these are just a small part of the set of issues of the CEE transportation market perspectives in the near future.

SKAT Group as a partner is pleased to announce the International Conference «European Intermodal Logistics 2016», held in Poland, Sopot, October 24-25, which is a must-attend event for the supply chain and transport logistics professionals and provides delegates with engaging, thought-provoking sessions and invaluable networking opportunities. The program is focused on the key aspects of the sea freight, railway and road carriage in CEE and North Europe.

Among the key issues:

  • The future of the European transport system: trans-European transport network.
  • New horizons of the European rail operators’ cooperation.
  • Key drivers for Poland’s mature supply chain capabilities.
  • Poland’s potential as one of the leading logistic hubs in Europe: Port of Gdansk and container terminal in Lodz.
  • Transnational axis China – Europe. New terminals construction on the transcontinental routes in the CEE countries.
  • Short sea shipping in the North and Baltic Seas.
  • Complex technological and infrastructural solutions for sea and river terminals. Automation.

Delegates have a chance to participate in sessions, panel discussions and workspaces.

The conference language is English.

More information: European Intermodal Logistics 2016 >>>