In connection with a steady growth of our business, we are looking for qualified and experienced road hauliers.

If you are a responsible contractor willing to work on a regular basis, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our company can offer you a permanent employment, timely and prompt payments, as well as a convenient offset-based billing system.

The price rates are fixed and negotiated separately with each contractor. And always competitive.

We are committed to attract and retain hauliers within the framework of a long-term cooperation, where regular subcontractors can enjoy special terms, conditions and privileges.

While working with our qualified forwarding staff, you will enjoy stable employment on routes of your preference. Therefore, every month you will be able to complete guaranteed high mileages.
We arrange departures and book returns. In place of empty trips, we arrange cabotage assignments. Where possible, we organise added loads. We always take care to best utilise the loading space, so that to maximise your rate. We make every effort to ensure that goods are always properly prepared for transport by the customer. We shorten waiting times at loading and unloading by direct communication with our customers' computer systems that support monitoring of coordinates in the boundary area.
Our staff will help with any transportation problem. They provide assistance in choosing an optimal shipping route. If you have trouble finding the pick-up/drop-off points, you can use their 24h assistance.

Out of concern for your safety, we take care of compliance with the drivers' working time standards. We let you strike the right balance between work and private life so that you could spend time and rest with your family. As far as practicable, we try to commission transport assignments in the vicinity of your place of residence.

Work with us and you will succeed!